Retaining Wall Repair

When you have retaining walls on your property, they will help protect your landscape and make your outdoor living areas look great. However, as time goes by, you may notice that the walls are getting damaged and need to be restored. We are pleased to inform you that we offer professional retaining wall repair Sacramento.

Ideally, retaining walls should serve you for so many years, if they are constructed properly. These are great structures as they do not require a lot of maintenance. We are licensed contractors and through our repair services, we will be able to restore your walls.

We have worked with so many clients and for every project that we are hired; we will give it our all. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and in most cases, we will end up exceeding the expectations of the clients.

Our crews are highly trained and will be able to detect the problem with the retaining wall in a short while and start the repairs. We are knowledgeable and we will use our expertise to repair the retaining walls.

We will also correct any issues that may have been ignored in the initial construction. Irrespective of the damage on your retaining walls, we will handle the task professionally.

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When To Repair Retaining Walls

There are so many people who tend to ignore their retaining walls. It is important to have an expert inspect your wall, occasionally so as to ensure that the wall is intact. There are a number of visible signs that may indicate it is time to repair your retaining wall. This is not a DIY project and as such, you should allow the experts to handle the walls. Some of the common problems that may affect your retaining walls include:

  • Retaining walls collapsing
  • Retaining walls tilting
  • Cracking
  • Walls separating
  • Retaining Walls crumbling
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In most cases, these are problems that are caused by poor construction of the walls. However, there are also other natural elements that may contribute to the damage of the walls. For instance, if there is a problem with the drainage on your property, this may cause water to seep in and the soil will expand, resulting in cracks in the wall. The design of the wall will determine if it is able to withstand the pressure and still stay intact. It is imperative to have professional experts construct the walls so as you can be sure that they can be reliable. We have the capacity to handle all rockery retaining wall repairs

Retaining Wall Repair

The retaining wall is an exceptional addition to your property and when it is installed properly, it will serve the purpose. However, if there are issues with the retaining wall on your property, it needs to be sorted right away. Failure to address any faults immediately may cause more severe problems. Talk to us for retaining wall repair Sacramento. It is our duty to restore your wall and make is as good as new. Call us and request a free consultation and quote.